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Safety Measures While Travelling on Road

Whether you are traveling in the crowded urban streets or Four-Lane Highways, driving is always a tough task. Experts say that navigating the road and traffic conditions and keep the morale high is a real challenge. Imagine the immense stress faced by the heavy-vehicle drivers who carry tons of loads from one corner to another corner of India. Remember, they have to drive in the heavy traffic of cities and poorly maintained highways also. Growing needs of material movement put further pressure on them. Studies say that the drivers are forced to drive continuously without a break. It increases the risk of mishaps.

Navata Road Transport is amongst the Top 10 logistics companies in india where drivers are treated as the most important and valuable human resources. The company believes that the drivers are the backbone of the business. Hence, they should be given the maximum importance. Hence, the drivers are trained about the effective safety measures while driving vehicles.

Don’t forget the following while driving

  • Keep a close eye on the speed limits:

    Driving above the permitted speed limits is not only a legal offense, but it is dangerous as well. The faster we move on the roads, the difficult it is to control if you need to apply breaks all of a sudden. Whether it is a small car or a heavy vehicle, the risk is equal. Due to the high momentum, the transfer of energy is enormous which causes severe injuries. Studies reveal that even if you drive 20 kilometers above the allowed speed limits, the time saved is not more than an hour. Hence, there is no point in putting the life under threat by driving rash.

  • Follow the lane discipline:

    When you are driving at the speed slower than others, then keep the left lane and let other vehicles overtake you. Always overtake from the right side with proper indicators. It is important to show the intentions to others while changing the lanes or overtaking. Do not be indecisive when you do the same. Confusion leads to accidents.

  • Do not move the eyes from the road

    Yes, it is certainly easier said than done. One should remember that the fatality is not proportional to the size of the vehicle. Also, it is not expected from others to follow all the traffic rules all the time. Regardless of whatever happens in the vehicle (the baby cries or the coffee spoils on the floor); you should not leave the eyes from the road even for a single moment. Slow down the vehicle and park on the left most side with full indicators on, till the crisis gets resolved.

  • Be cautious on the wet roads

    Rains is the most difficult season to drive. Poor visibility and reduced grip on the road cause a great difficulty. It is critically important to drive with utmost care during the rainy days.

Look at the training calendars of Top 10 logistics companies in india; you will find that the maximum time is devoted to safety training while driving. It underlines the criticality of the matter.

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