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Chennai, Bangalore, Raichur
3+ Years
Any Graduation / Any Post Graduation
Propose HO to penetrate by identifying new business opportunities and niche areas To ensure seamless day to day operations Maintaining hormonal relationship with franchises and guide them for improvement of business and brand People development by overviewing staff recruitment, training, leading and employee development Identifying the latent talent in the subordinates and make them excel in their role and in cross functioning, as well Imparting needbased guidance/training. Contributing to HO for process improvement Fleet and Route management Data analysis and acting /guiding the team accordingly. Reducing cost and optimizing the resources Contingency management for people, place, services etc. Effective execution of the SOP with zero deviations Sending report with observations on the daily activity of self and subordinates Following the guidelines from HO/Management, from time to time Network expansion by conducting thorough market research
Must have effective communication skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks. Should interpret the reports and make reports guiding the Organizational direction

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