Road Transportation Growth In India – 2022

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Road Transportation Growth In India - 2022

Indian transportation relies heavily on roads. After the United States and China, India has the third-largest road network in the world, with around 4.7 million kilometres of roadways. Road transportation is the primary mode of transportation in the nation, handling both freight and passengers. In addition, as the number of vehicle grows and freight flow increases, road transportation will continue to be the primary mode of transportation in India.

India’s transportation industry will undergo a major shift in 2022, particularly after the country’s post-pandemic recovery. More employment prospects for the young and a greater GDP would not only help to improve the economy, but it will also directly benefit the country’s economy. The transition from online casinos in India to the burgeoning employment markets in India’s transportation industry is just around the corner.

India’s 2022 budget is more concerned on fostering transportation-related economic development. The vast bulk of the transportation budget is spent on road and infrastructure repairs, as well as the accompanying mega projects.

Road Transportation Growth In India

National Highways

The length of India’s national roadways surpassed 136 thousand kilometres during the fiscal year of 2021. Even though this number represents just around two percent of the country’s overall road network, it accounts for almost forty percent of the road traffic. This includes almost 30 percent of all traffic accidents and about 36 percent of fatalities resulting from vehicle accidents in the nation. Notably, India’s national highways are at-grade roadways, meaning that access is not restricted. In contrast, the greatest class of roadways in India with restricted access by the end of 2021 were expressways, which included around two thousand kilometres of highways throughout the nation.

Road Transportation Growth In India

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Multimodal Freight Transport

Existing multi-modal freight transportation is the last item on the list of enhancements that will contribute to a more sustainable model for India’s transport system. In light of the severe repercussions resulting from the insufficient use of trains for logistics, this year must see a significant shift in this regard. In order to minimise carbon emissions and air pollution caused by land-based logistics, it may be necessary to transition away from reliance on trucks in the near future.

2022 will be a year of expansion in the Indian transport and logistics sector, all of which will contribute to the growth of the economy and its smooth effects. There will also be effects on the taxation system to expedite the manufacture of electric automobiles in the United States.

Road Transportation Growth In India

Automative Industry In India

Regarding automobile manufacturing, India was one of the top nations in the globe. In fiscal year 2021, the total number of automobiles produced in the nation was around 22.7 million units. During the same year, around 18.6 million units were sold nationwide.

Road Safety

According to statistics, around 15 million people perish in India owing to inadequate road safety. India is second in the world in terms of fatal traffic accidents that have been recorded. Given the magnitude of these consequences, it is not unexpected that 2022 must be the year in which the government places road safety at the top of its agenda. New measures will be adopted this year that contribute significantly to road safety and lower accident risks.

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