Partnering With a Third Party Logistics Provider – 6 Best Reasons.

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Why you should partner with a Third Party Logistics Provider ?

A good and reputable third-party logistics partner has great impact on a business and can catapult the business to success. Outsourcing of the company’s supply chain management and logistics requirements to a 3PL partner, gives the company the much- needed time to focus on its core competencies and other segments. It helps to cut back on business costs, by allowing space and time for crucial scalability, and thereby helps to contribute to essential market expansion.

All businesses need efficient and smooth inventory management and storage, processing, transportation, assembly, shipping, and other logistics and management processes. Success depends on this. And this is not child’s play. It requires a complete and well-founded infrastructure. Hence, it is a business truth that outsourcing logistics management to reputed 3PL providers is a partnership of value and success. Third- party Logistics Providers are a major catalyst in the success of businesses.

It is important to understand the role and the relevance of 3PL provider in a successful business model.

1. Third-Party Logistics and Maximization of Time and Space for Core Competencies

For a successful business infrastructure in a constantly and rapidly evolving market scenario, it is important that all segments of the business receive adequate attention and operate efficiently. The full efficiency in a business model can be realized only when the business directs its energy, resources, and finances towards its core competencies.

Logistics is an important segment and a core catalyst for business success. However, logistics management is an external, non-core responsibility. These non-core responsibilities, such as managing inventory, shipping, or warehousing to core personnel, swallows-up crucial time and resource that could otherwise be invested in business growth. 

 Preoccupation with non-core responsibility scatters focus and leads to inefficient working scenario, which ultimately affects the business’s bottom line and growth potential. Moreover, most businesses don’t have the expertise to successfully manage large volume logistics.

 Hence, assigning the non-core responsibility, of the important segment of logistics management processes, to a credible and reputed third party logistics company is a wise decision, and allows the company to move towards success without compromising on any of its important segments. For instance, a 3PL partner like Direct Mail Corporation can become a huge asset for any business, in more ways than one.

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2. Third-Party Logistics and Low Capital Commitment

An established Logistics company has a well-founded infrastructure, requisite network and tools and expertise to run the show, within a cost-effective framework. Third party logistics partners have the proper warehousing infrastructure, equipment, transportation, technology systems, a scalable fulfillment team, and costly insurances.

 A third-party logistics provider absorbs these operating costs, which allows its clients to operate without have such large fixed overheads. This takes the burden of high cost of logistics management and heavy overhead costs away from the company, but at the same time provides the company with an efficient and well-managed logistics infrastructure.

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3. Third-Party Logistics and Robust, Scalable Network of Resources

Third Party Logistics providers are experts of their field and offer an extensive resource network, providing significant advantages over in-house supply chains. In-house operations often limit the scope and scale of services can be accommodated. 

 When business spikes, a static operations team is often unable to keep pace with the demand. This leads to customers being left waiting and creates a negative customer experience that brings the business down. Hence, the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) reputation suffers drastically.

 In case of a business slow down, the operations team becomes too big, leading to unnecessary overhead costs that are a strain on the business finance structure during tough times. The 3PLs, on the contrary are a flexible and adaptable structure that help the business by fulfilling all logistics needs, without causing financial strain or chaos, and hence, make for smoother transitions during market highs and lows.

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4. Third-Party Logistics and Reduction of Supply Chain Inefficiencies

For manufacturers operating out of a single central location, it can be a challenge and a daunting task to manage shipping, storage, and distribution. On the other hand,  Third Party Logistics providers have the expertise and resources available, to make adjustments when needed and provide an uninterrupted, ongoing support for continuous improvement in their customer’s supply chains.

 To meet the needs of a company,  Third Party Logistics providers constantly work to eliminate inefficiencies. It is their job to upgrade, remove obstacles, technologically re-invent themselves and be equipped with the requisite tools at all times to keep the supply chain running smoothly and efficiently. Hence, outsourcing to aThird Party Logistics provider is an asset and a boon for any business.

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5. Third-Party Logistics and Market Expansion Opportunity

Often, for a business, certain areas may be physically impossible to reach without a third party logistics support. Working with a reputable third-party logistics company provides the opportunity for a business to expand into new regions.

 Third Party Logistics providers offer a well-connected and a pre-established network of connectivity that provides the business with an outreach into bigger horizons, by making their market and products available to remote or distant regions.

6. Technology

The logistics sector is an AI supported, technologically advanced sector. Technology is a key benefit of  Third Party Logistics companies. Transportation management systems (TMS), track and trace technology, and reporting are all supported and operated by IT and AI. Partnering with a company that has all of these tools in place, helps the business to overcome the barriers of technology, and allows the company to enter the technologically advanced logistics and digital market, and enjoy the benefits of technology.
However, even with the technological support, it takes knowledge and expertise to know how to use technology effectively.

The advantages of working with Third-Party Logistics providers are innumerable. It is, however, worth understanding as to when to make the switch and start acquiring the benefits of  Third Party Logistics Providers

The Right Time to Make the Switch and Start Acquiring the Benefits of Third Party Logistics Providers

The right time to strike the deal, is crucial to success, and to maximizing of potential for a business or for anything in general. It is always worth looking into partnerships, even if the transportation is going smoothly.

 Placing a request for a freight quote, to see if someone else can be doing it cheaper is the right thing to do. It is all about updating oneself on market scenarios that are constantly and rapidly changing, for better options and opportunities.

The function of a  Third Party Logistics provider is more than just saving money.  Third Party Logistics provider is a business partner that enhances and enriches a business by providing a good customer experience and by expanding the market reach for a business. If a  Third Party Logistics provider is not fulfilling this function, then it is time to make a switch to a better option.

 These are the tell-tale signs are when the operations start coming to a complete bottleneck in the transportation department, when the company is looking into expanding its logistics management team, and when the company loses faith that the freight will arrive on time or in the right condition. It is time for a switch then.


There are many benefits to partnering with a reputable third party logistics provider. Overall, it allows a business to effectively meet their market demands, as well as customer needs. In addition to this, it greatly benefits their ability to operate cost- effectively, allocate resources where needed, and grow their business successfully.

The advantages of using a Third Party Logistics provider are many. The 6 benefits of outsourcing to  Third Party Logistics provider listed here are the key advantages. Third–party logistics providers allow the company to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture. Partnering with a  Third Party Logisticsgives the company a whole lot more time and a lot less worry.


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