Navata Goes Digital to Ensure a Hassle-Free Payment Experience

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Navata Goes Digital

Digital payment is an umbrella term that covers all the financial transactions from one account to another made through an electronic device such as a mobile phone, a computer, or any other digital communication channel. This includes all the payments made by means of online bank transfers, mobile money and payment cards like debit and credit cards.

Types of Digital Payments

Digital payments can be partially digital, primarily digital or fully digital. A partially digital transaction is the one in which there is a third-party intermediary to ensure a digital bank transfer of cash between the two parties. 

A primarily digital payment can be understood as the one where a payer initiates the payment digitally towards an agent, who receives the amount digitally but pays the payee in cash. A fully digital payment is the one in which both the payer as well as the payee are connected by a digital interface. Regardless of what pathway you are using, digital payments offer multiple benefits and save a lot of time.

Future of Digital Payments

Even though the digital economy has been on a rise for the past couple of decades, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its growth. Studies indicate that the digital payments market will grow at a CAGR of 13.7 percent between 2021 and 2026. Payments made through the mobile devices alone are expected to touch the $2 trillion mark by 2023.

This growth has been driven by a number of factors, such as by greater convenience, favourable government policies and evolving consumer behaviour, as well as COVID-19 disruption.

Moreover, the underlying transparency, efficiency and convenience make digital payments the favoruite choice for businesses. Each person is eager to make money quicker, faster and better, and digital payments seem to ensure just that.

Digital Payment Option at Navata

Navata has always prioritised providing a smooth experience to its customers. To ensure the best user experience to our consumers, we have adopted a customer-oriented, strategic and futuristic approach. Keeping this vision in mind, we have crafted a detailed Digital Payment Process so that the customers can pay at their convenience.

Currently, the company offers the following digital payment methods:

1. Pay by Click

Customers can pay by simply clicking on the personalised payment link generated and sent to the registered account for booking or delivery. Customers will receive this link either immediately after booking or when the consignment is ready to be delivered, based upon their preference.

Navata Goes Digital

2. Scan and Pay

Customers can opt to pay by scanning the dynamic QR code which is generated at the time of delivery of the consignment. On scanning the QR code, a customer will have the option to pay using a credit card, a debit card, Net banking or UPI, etc.

Navata Goes Digital

3. Online Payment

A customer can also pay online any time after placing the order. In order to opt the online payment option, a customer can visit the url: and choose the online payment option. He/ she will then be redirected to the online payment portal where he/ she can pay using a debit card, a credit card, net banking or UPI. A customer can even pay for multiple bookings at the same time using different payment modes, while using the online payment option.

All these payment methods ensure a quick, easy, efficient and transparent payment process for both the customer as well as the company. Furthermore, it helps the customers pay anytime anywhere, as per their own convenience using the payment method of their preference. This helps us in ensuring a smooth and satisfactory customer experience.

Navata Goes Digital

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