A Great Truck Driver – 10 ESSENTIAL QUALITIES

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A Great Truck Driver

There are a host of myriad traits that make a truck driver good at their job. And there are a few more qualities that transform a good truck driver into a great truck driver.To be the best in their job, a truck driver needs to imbibe some skills and qualities, and integrate them into their life on the road.



A brief view of 10 essential qualities that a great truck driver needs to imbibe and follow.

1. Education and Training

Step one is to get the right education and training that is needed. Higher education, or even high school is not essential to be a great truck driver.

 But attending a driving school and getting a Class-A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is absolutely necessary.There companies that offer extensive driver training programs. It is very important to take these programs seriously and learn about company’s policies and business.

2. Patience

Everything requires patience. Driving requires patience. There are frustrating situations like getting stuck in traffic jams, or schedules get delayed, or there might be a customer who is taking longer than expected, or maybe there is no space at the truck stop where a rest break was planned, or a flat tire or some other urgent mechanical issue crops up. These are common occurrences for a truck driver.

 But in all these situations, no matter what happens, it is very important to stay calm and be patient. It is always advisable to be patient and take time and go through all the steps, as a safe driver, instead of losing patience and rushing rashly on the road, and putting oneself and all others in jeopardy.

3. Stress-management Skills

Following close on the heels of staying patient, effective stress management is an equally important quality for a great truck driver. Driving, managing time on the road, as well as tackling the random road blocks that emerge, cause stress. Adding to the stress is the relationship with coworkers, and personal life situations. Together all this can amount to a great deal of stress. Learning to manage all this stress effectively, is a very important skill to inculcate.

There are various ways to manage stress. Exercise, meditation, music, healthy food, and even talking to family, are few ways to help with stress. To become a great truck driver, one must be adept at handling stress. One must figure out which stressbuster activity works best for them.

4. Alertness & Awareness

Being alert and aware on the road is of vital importance for the safety of self and those around. To be alert and aware as a truck driver means to utilize all the senses. There are some safety measures that a great and responsible truck driver must follow.

 Awareness regarding accident or some other dangerous situation up ahead, or some unusual sound or smell in the truck is important, and must never be bypassed. Being alert and being able to recognize a problem in its initial stage is the easiest way to maintaining good safety standards on the road.

5. Time-management Skills

Keeping track of time and practicing efficient time management skills is of great advantage for all. A truck driver must have excellent time management skills as it helps to deliver the orders to the customers on time, take efficient breaks, and eventually get back to family on time. In short, a good time management gets all the work done on time.

For good time management, drivers need to pre-plan their routes and stops throughout the trip.

6. Reliability

Reliability is a virtue. Being a reliable employee for the employer, and a reliable driver for the customers, is of vital importance. Completing all the work on time, as per deadlines, asking for help whenever needed, understanding safety requirements, and ensuring safe transportation of the goods to the customers, are just a few of the many ways to be a reliable truck driver

7. Customer Service

Providing a good customer experience in customer service sector, is an excellent quality to have as a truck driver. Truck driving may not essentially be considered to be a customer- service related job, but being able to provide good service to the customers when delivering products is a surefire way to go from “good” to “great.”

8. Communication Skills

Good communication is the foundation of everything great. Clear communication goes a long way towards success, even for a truck driver. Whether talking to the dispatch personnel, customers, boss, fellow truck drivers, or family, the need is for effective, calm and professional communication, irrespective of message content or any other circumstances

9. Self-dependence

For truck drivers, majority of the time is spent alone when not on the road. And co- passengers in the cab are not friends to depend upon unless one doesn’t belong to a group like team truck driver. 

An independent truck driver is empowered with the capability to face several challenges while on the road. Great truck drivers are able to solve problems and find solutions on their own, whenever they encounter those kinds of situations.

10. Mechanical Knowledge

A primary requirement of a great truck driver is having adequate knowledge of the machine. Mechanical knowledge as a truck driver is extremely needed, when on the road. Knowing how to take care of minor maintenance issues can save time and provide a safe time margin to get to a safe location to fully address the issue.

 Also, having basic machine knowledge and awareness about certain mechanical tasks helps to ensure that the truck is complying with all safety standards. And this is of utmost importance.


At Navata Road Transport, quality of our truck drivers is one of our highest priorities. Navata Road Transport does not compromise on excellence or safety. We value our drivers, not only for the work they do, but for simply being great people with high professional ethics

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